Biogents Mosquito Traps

When it comes to mosquitoes, nothing escapes us.

Biogents AG is a company based on years of scientific research in the field of mosquito control.

The German-based company produces the most advanced and effective mosquito traps using the latest technologies for applications that cover the different fields of:

mosquito control by pest control professionals (PCOs)
mosquito control by home owners
mosquito monitoring and control by public health departments
mosquito monitoring and control for research purposes and R&D


Biogents‘ robust BG-Protector mosquito trap was specifically developed for permanent outdoor mosquito control and requires little maintenance.

It is an ideal tool for pest control companies to use in the fight against mosquitoes.

CO2 in combination with a patented human skin odor formulation maximizes the catch rates of the trap for culex, tiger mosquitoes and all other mosquito species.

The trap fits well to many properties or backyards, can be comfortably maintained, and the catches can be easily monitored.

Combining BG Attractant + CO2

Improve the traps‘ performance with Biogents attractants, the patented human scent mimic, to increase catch rates for Aedes species.

The BG-Protector can be upgraded with CO2 to catch all mosquito species-most importantly culex mosquitoes-and to increase catch rates.

The CO2 nozzle is already integrated in the design. Biogents offers a CO2 upgrade set (BG-Booster CO2) including a pressure regulator for CO2 gas bottles. We recommend to use 10 kg CO2 gas bottles as CO2 source for permanent outdoor use.

When the Biogents attractants are used in conjunction with CO2, the synergistic effect can multiply the catch rates.

Technical Information

Weight                                    2.4 kg

Dimensions                          39 x 39 x 57.5 cm

Power Consumption       2 W

Attractant Validity           5 months

Recommended Placing  on the ground – outdoors only

Recommended CO2        10 kgs