Gloria ProControl 100

Gloria ProControl 100 made of stainless steel can ideally be used for the control of epidemics and tropical diseases. Malaria, Chagas, dengue or yellow fever are averted or stemmed because disease carriers such as insects and midges are effectively combatted, amongst others by spraying indoors.

The high-performance sprayer with a capacity of 10 litres and a max. operating pressure of 5.5 bar can ideally be used for spraying pyrethroids or dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. Both insecticides are used for spraying indoors.

Gloria ProControl 100 is made of high-quality materials such as a powerful and resistant precision pump made of brass as well as the use of FKM seals that show a high resistance to chemicals, temperature and deterioration, provides for an effective and large-area output of pesticides.

A brass quick-acting valve with a galvanized steel lever and a locking mechanism to avoid accidental opening of the valve guarantees a safe operation. The shoulder carrying strap permits mobile and comfortable working.

Gloria ProControl100 complies with the guidelines and requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is WHO certified.


Technical Details

Filling capacity 10 Liters

Total capacity 13.90 Liters

Max. operating pressure 5.5 bar

Stainless steel container

FKM Seals

Oil-proof version

Brass spray lance

Stainless steel flat jet nozzle with fine filter

Brass high performance pump

Quick-acting valve

Safety relief valve

Indicating pressure gauge