Gloria Sprayers

Karma proudly offers pressure sprayers made by Gloria intended for professionals.


Gloria’s high-performance professional sprayers have applications in numerous fields and industries that include (among many others):

  • pest control
  • agriculture and plant care
  • construction (spreading formwork oil) and paint applications
  • animal and poultry farming
  • cleaning and hygiene
  • disinfection and public health
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Our Gloria Sprayers Models

The famous Gloria Profiline pressure sprayers range: stainless steel tank, oil proof and chemical proof components, up to 6 bars of pressure and 5 liters of capacity. More…

The most durable vector control sprayer, Gloria’s WHO approved ProControl 100. More…

Versatile cleaning and sanitation sprayer, the FoamMaster FM10 is a handheld snow foam sprayer with numerous applications. More…