IK Multi Pro 12

All Purpose Sprayer

The IK Multi Pro 12 sprayer has been designed to make the professional's work easier.

The seals and materials of IK Multi Pro 12 are particularly resistant to most acids, solvents and disinfectants.

The IK Multi Pro 12 ensures excellence performance and workflow across the widest array of applications for cleaning agents, aggressive acids, chemicals, petrochemical solutions, solvents and others.

Packed With Functionality

Reinforced 1.5 m hose

Large integrated funnel to facilitate filling

Safety valve set at 3 bar that can be depressurised

Belt to carry it on a shoulder strap

Two spray nozzles (adjustable cone and fan)

Colour cards to identify the contents of the tank

Stainless steel handle trigger with safety lock

And Even More...

Strong base for greater stability and foot support

Translucent tank that allows to check the level of liquid inside

System for positioning the lance once the spraying task has been completed

Technical Information​

Valve                                  tared at 3 bar depressurizable with automatic depressurization option

Hose                                   1.5 m

Standard nozzles        adjustable conical nozzle and fan nozzle

Lance                                47 cm fiberglass

Useful capacity            8 liters

Total capacity                10 liters

Liters/Min.                      @ 3 bar 0,50 l/min.

Net weight                      2.6 kg