NARA Rodent Attractants

Karma is proud to offer the latest in rodent monitoring and control technologies: NARA Lure.


Traditional baits or organic attractants often cause secondary problems such as insect infestations and molds. Toxic baits also have very limited uses around food handling facilities.


Pest control professionals now rely on NARA attractants for these reasons:

  • Highly effective – rodents are highly attracted to NARA
  • Hygienic – do not cause insect infestations, do not decay or grow molds
  • Non-toxic –  safe to use anywhere
  • Allergen free – suitable to use in all types of food plants
  • Effective for up to 12 months


Comes in 5 different aromas: vanilla, meat, fish, mango and choconut


NARA Lure is suitable for use with mouse and rat snap traps.


Packaging: 100 pieces of Nara lure per plastic jar, 12 jars per box.