UV Light Traps

Karma is proud to offer Pestwest’s high-quality flying insect control UV traps, the preferred choice for many of the world’s best:

5-star resorts and hotels

food handling plants and warehouses – hospitals – kitchens

supermarkets – pharmaceutical plants


Our UV Sticky Traps feature:

  • Quantum® shatter resistant tubes coated with industry compliant FEP for maximum attraction and significantly reduced risk of contamination from glass breakages.
  • Full-size sticky board to effectively catch even the smallest flies.
  • Easy to remove bottom tray, drop-down guard and front covers – no tool service.
  • Units are CE marked and carry the required European approvals.
  • All models come with a 3-year guarantee (excluding consumables).
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Our UV Light Traps Models

Sunburst TAB

Pestwest’s Sunburst TAB sticky-type UV trap is an economical insect light trap suitable for both professional and decorative uses. More…

Chameleon 1x2

Pestwest’s famous Chameleon 1×2 is the UV sticky trap of choice for pest control professionals and commercial establishments. More…

On-Top Pro

Pestwest’s OnTop Pro is an innovative sticky-type insect UV trap that is designed to fit wherever there are ceiling tiles. More…

Chameleon Sirius

Pestwest’s Sirius UV light trap is a decorative and effective sticky-type UV light trap that is perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc… More…


Pestwest’s professional sticky-type flying insect traps with a decorative touch. More…

Original Accessories

Original accessories and ancillary products for Pestwest UV light traps such as glue boards and UV light bulbs. More…